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Ditching, Dyking and Wetland maintenance

Ditch clearance is required where there is bad drainage and drain out falls are under water or silt. we have experienced operators with lazer guided machines to make sure the water drains away.

Dyke clearance is required when there is a build up of vegetation or silt. In some cases these are done to help lower water levels for drainage but most cases is to create a clear channel of water to help the wildlife. We have special free draining buckets to aid us in the clearance of dykes.

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Ditching, Dyking and Wetland maintenance
Ditching, Dyking and Wetland maintenance
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norfolk Pond, Lake, Lagoon and Reservoir Construction
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Pond, Lake, Lagoon and Reservoir Construction

Barry Day and Sons create anything from small garden ponds to big fishing lakes, through East Anglia.

With our experience and lazer technology we can create the perfect water scape to suit our customers needs.

Pond and Lake Dredging

Ponds and lakes can become choked with vegetation and silt after a period of time, making the water stagnant and uninhabitable to wildlife. This then requires the silt and vegetation to be removed and restored back to how the pond/lake originally was.

We have experienced operators who are mindful of wildlife and not to destroy all plant life around the area to allow plants to establish again.

pond dredging

Equestrian Arenas and Landscaping

We create Equestrian Arenas, throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, ensuring each project is completed to suit each individual customers needs.

We do everything from the drainage right up to finishing off with the topping of the customers choice.

Roadways, Driveways and General Groundwork

Barry Day and Sons can construct new roadways using a variation of materials.

We do all general groundworks throughout Norfolk and Suffolk, including footings, over-sites and laying all utility services.

Groundwork contractors in norfolk
Dirty water Tanks and Treatment plant Instalation

Dirty water Tanks and Treatment plant Installation

We install treatment plants for properties, across East Anglia, without mains sewer or we can upgrade an existing septic tank.

Treatment plants work more efficiently than old septic tanks, discharging clean water approved by the Environment Agency.

Heavy Duty Flail Cutting

Barry Day and Sons provide a heavy duty flail Cutting service throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. Out flail cutters are mounted to 13 ton excavators, capable of cutting and mulching anything up to 100 mm diameter.

This is ideal for cutting an over grown hedges back to a manageable state, or anything hard to reach with a conventional tractor hedge cutter.

Flail Cutting norfolk
Flail Cutting norfolk
digger hire in norfolk and suffolk

General Digger Hire

Barry Day & Sons use a variation of machines from mini diggers up to 13 Ton excavators with various attachments for the appropriate job.

We have 6 ton dump trucks up to 16 ton dump trailers for all you’re general construction needs, covering Norfolk and Suffolk in East Anglia.

Heavy Duty Tree Shearing

Barry Day and Sons provide a heavy duty tree shears mounted on a 14 ton 360 excavator, capable of cutting up to 400mm diameter, cuts and holds the tree.

Perfect for coppicing hedges pollarding trees and general clearance.